The Independent. Radical Intention

a project by Hou Hanru
curated by Giulia Ferracci

Carlo Scarpa Foyer


A project dealing with the concept of self-narration inspired by the Democracy Wall as a practice of protest and a symbol of the struggle for democracy and individual freedom.


Invited to be part of the INDEPENDENT program, Radical Intention proposes a project on the concept of narration. It is inspired by the history of the 1978 Democracy Wall, recalled in 2014 by pro-democracy protests, the Umbrella revolution in Hong Kong. The wall is made of manifestos (dazibao), used as means of struggle for democracy, and as symbols of freedom of research, and of individual liberty. By considering the wall as if it were a manifesto of the group’s artistic and curatorial activity, Radical Intention’s founding members – curator Aria Spinelli and artist Maria Pecchioli – will turn the space provided by MAXXI into a working area to build their own symbolic and conceptual “Dazibao”, through archiving, public programming and through a final installation.


“Dazibao” – Public Program


18/03 – Open Studio Visits

Invited Artists: Laura F. Gibellini

15>19 – Carlo Scarpa Foyer, MAXXI Musuem


19/04 – Open Studio Visits

Invited Artists: Sara Basta, Piero Passacantando, Fabien Marques,

15>19 – Carlo Scarpa Foyer, MAXXI Musuem


21/04 – Title: The Culture of Citizenship

Invited Guests Giorgina Pi Angelo Mai

17>18:50 – Carlo Scarpa Foyer, MAXXI Musuem


26/04 Title: Art as a cultural practice

Invited Guests Nicola Nunziata Op–Fot  and  Emanuele De Donno: ViaIndustriae

17>18:50 – Carlo Scarpa Foyer,  MAXXI Musuem